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  • "Designed to gently exfoliate your skin, it cleans pores up to six times faster, and more thoroughly, than similar methods. Using ultrasonic vibrations, it loosens dead skin cells, draws out the debris then sweeps it all away with a clever antibacterial spatula"

  • "The trio of treatments in one cost-effective device makes this one of the most exciting beauty tool launches we've seen in a while and we predict it's going to be a game-changer for the whole industry"

  • "4 different skincare treatments. It includes RF, which means radio frequency. It heats my skin gently to increase the production of collagen and gives my complexion a youthful look"

  • "Since using the LED Light Therapy Head, my skin looks brighter and more even. I think with long-term use, you’re going to see more and more benefits. I’m hopeful that with continued use, my skin tone will become more even and brighter"


Award Winning Exfoliator
Blackhead removal

  • The Revive body toning and skin rejuvenating system, which I’ve been using for a while and I’m impressed with the results. It’s really working for me! Designed with pro-level beauty technologies to tone muscle and shape body contours.

  • Glow is my second Touchbeauty product and I love it. I see more of a difference when I take breaks from using it. Gets like 97 percent of the junk, dirt, and dead skin out. This is a pretty good face exfoliator.

  • I've only been using Touchbeauty Trifecta for a couple of weeks. A bonus I wasn't expecting is that my skin tone has improved. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants easy, facial at home help to make your skin a little happier.

  • Self-care doing a facial on myself this morning using my @touchbeauty ultrasonic exfoliating skin scrubber. It makes ultrasonic vibrations per second and allows the gunk to easily come out of the skin. I use this once a week.






  • We've been making and designing industry changing beauty devices since 1999 Ever heard of a heated eyelash curler? We designed and produced the very first one. We were also the first to produce an electric facial brush, redefining face cleaning.
  • We've won a GOOD DESIGN® Award. The oldest and the most Prestigious Awards Program
  • The Red Dot Award, an international design competition for product design.
  • The iF DESIGN AWARD, one of the most important global awards.
  • The official design award for Germany presented by the German Ministry for Economics and Technology.
  • One of Asia's most prestigious design awards, for design leadership and exemplary results.

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